Portfolio Manager Viewpoint – Credit Markets

April, 2017|Bank Loan, High Yield, Interest Rates, Manager Viewpoints, Newsletter|

The post-election environment has seen a sharp rally in risk assets and economic optimism.

Climbing the Wall of Optimism

February, 2017|Interest Rates, Manager Viewpoints, Newsletter|

Business sentiment has surged post election.

Twelve for ’16 – Navigating the Credit Markets

January, 2017|Bank Loan, High Yield, Interest Rates, Investment Grade, Manager Viewpoints|

2016 experienced the strongest returns for credit since 2009.

The New Conundrum

September, 2016|Interest Rates, Manager Viewpoints, Newsletter|

Today’s conundrum is how the Fed upholds its dual mandate.

Spring Time — High Yield Bonds Rally

April, 2016|High Yield, Interest Rates, Newsletter|

High yield surges, but what next.

Twelve for ’15 — Credit Market Charts

December, 2015|Bank Loan, Interest Rates, Investment Grade, Newsletter, Short Duration|

Twelve charts for 2015

Breaking Up With ZIRP is Hard To Do

October, 2015|Interest Rates, Newsletter|

The challenges of tightening monetary policy

Preparing for Liftoff

April, 2015|Interest Rates, Newsletter|

Can the Fed materially raise the Fed Funds rate

The Euros Are Coming

February, 2015|Interest Rates, Manager Viewpoints, Newsletter|

Valuations favor U.S. credit markets

Loans or Bonds

January, 2015|Bank Loan, Interest Rates, Manager Viewpoints, Newsletter|

Return enhancement or risk diversifier